B.Sc.Accident and Emergency Care Technology

Course Description


  • Identify common disease producing microorganisms; Explain the basic principles of microbiology and their significance in health and disease. Demonstrate skill in handling specimens. Explain various methods of disinfection and sterilization Identify the role of the nurse in hospital infection control system
  • The student understands the basic principles of nursing to meet the health needs of the individuals, family and community in all settings of the health care system.
  • To identify drugs used in ICU and describe their pharmacology, route of administration, uses and adverse effects
  • The student should gain knowledge and recognition of major abdominal illness and trauma, ask for relevant investigations, so as to avoid any delay in resuscitation.
  • This course is about meaning trauma, from minor injury to humanitarian’s emergencies, including injures in women child and elderly with the principal goal of improving quality of care and patient safety.
  • The student should be able to assess the physical changes that take place in a child bearing woman. The students will gain knowledge on the specific injuries that can occur in pregnancy & pediatrics
  • Complete a patient physical examination for the evaluation of traumatic injuries and surgical emergences.
  • Perform trauma/general surgery evaluation with the FAST ultrasound on the patient
  • Cardiac patient access with ECHO cardiogram on the patient
  • BLS & ACLS common emergency and first aid management


On completion of program the students will be able to :

  • Perform Pre / IN Hospital Management
  • Perform BLS & ACLS program
  • Handle emergencies like Poisoning and Burns
  • Handle in patients
  • Handle Post cardiac arrest status
  • Explain about plasma paralysis ,Hemodialysis
  • Handle MASS & MULIBLE CAUSALTY & stroke & cardiac arrest & Thrombolysis
  • Handle the patient during ambulance transport treatment
  • Explain about Emergency drugs
  • monitor patient vitals
  • Will be working in Multi Speciality hospitals as emergency technician
  • Handle Icd / Intubation / Assess All OG Surgical Procedure / Gastric Clavage / Iv & Io Assess / Assess Central Line , Artery Line ,Tracheastomy / Minor & Manjor Dressing / Assessd Bronchoscopy , Colonoscopy,Endoscopy, Peg Tube/Apply Splinting & Pat Shifting &Loading/Catheterization/Suturing