B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology

Course Description


  • Produce a radiotherapist who is committed to providing a high quality service to the patient/relative/career by assessing and responding to their individual needs whilst maintaining privacy, dignity and respect.
  • Emphasise the emerging role of the radiotherapist who can produce and undertake preliminary clinical evaluations on diagnostic images in a diverse range of clinical situations.
  • Produce an autonomous reflective practitioner with the courage to challenge assumptions, question the values, beliefs and policies underpinning the application of medical imaging and contribute to the ongoing development of the profession.
  • Develop a radiotherapist who is committed to continuing professional development and lifelong learning so they can function as a valued member of the multi-professional health care team in a changing health care environment.


At the end of the program, graduates will be able to

  • Explain basic knowledge of Human Anatomy, Physiology, Surface marking.
  • Explain the basic concepts in Radiation Oncology, Radiation therapy Physics & radiation Biology
  • Explain the Radiotherapy ; Treatment using Teletherapy & Brachytherapy Machines,
  • Explain the TPS, Mould Room & Simulation
  • Handle of various Radiotherapy and X-ray equipment
  • Plan Treatment ; Simulation, Mould Room techniques and its
  • Practical applications,
  • Perform Radiotherapy safety and protection, Quality assurance checks.