B.Sc. Geriatric Care Technology

Course Description


  • Perform a comprehensive assessment of an older person, in in-patient, outpatient or community setting, including day hospitals
  • To Diagnose manage acute illness in old age
  • To Describe and manage those with chronic disease and disability Provide rehabilitation with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Plan the transfer of care of frail older patients from hospital
  • Assess a patient’s suitability for and provide appropriate care to those in longterm
  • Be able to apply the knowledge and skills of a competent geriatrician in an intermediate care and/or community setting
  • Assess and manage older patients presenting with the common geriatric problems
  • Provide specified geriatric care - Palliative care, Orthogeriatrics, Old Age Psychiatry,Specialist Stroke care and other pecial conditions


After completion of the course the students be able to,

  • Understand the cellular and molecular changes in Aging
  • Understand the Physiological and Structural Changes Requiring Dietary Alterations
  • Extrapolate psychosocial changes of the old age and concept of life cycle
  • Manage the Health Promotion and Social Support in Old Age
  • Overcome Challenges in Patients with Functional and Cognitive Deterioration
  • Understand the risk factors r in Pathogenesis of Disease and its management and screening
  • Learn alternative medicine and therapies