B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology

Course Description


  • This program will help the students with forming a strong base in anaesthesia technology which will equip them with the skills of choosing the right anaesthetic that should be given to any patient on the basis of their medical condition.
  • They also gain a good knowledge of the correct equipment that needs to be used and the dosage of the anaesthetic that they would be giving.
  • The additional skill that they gain is to monitor the patient. The students will be able to assist doctors in ICUs, emergency wards, and operation theatres. They are basically allied healthcare professionals.
  • The main objective of B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology course is to equip students with the knowledge of anaesthetic equipment, their usage and how to monitor the patients.
  • The course has both theoretical and practical ways of helping the students in becoming successful anaesthetists and deploying their knowledge in operation theatres before the beginning of an operation.
  • They are taught in a way that they have good knowledge not just of anaesthesia techniques but also of techniques pertaining to operation theatres.


  • Assist Doctors/Surgeons during surgery
  • Operate anaesthesia equipment whenever required.
  • Pre-operatively they will administer anaesthetic agent to the patient.
  • They will monitor patient pre and post and intra operatively for the vitals
  • The acquire knowledge and skills to determining and administer appropriate dose of anaesthetic agents
  • Will be working in Multi speciality hospitals as Anaesthesia Technologists.