B.Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology

Course Description

Bachelor of Science in Renal Dialysis Technology is an undergraduate Bioscience course. Program is designed to prepare students to administer hemodialysis treatments to patients with renal failure under the supervision of a physician. This program frequently includes in depth instruction in basic anatomy and physiology, dialysis preparation, dialysis prescription interpretation, extracorporeal circuit and dialyzer set-up and maintenance, patient preparation, equipment monitoring, venipuncture and local anaesthesia administration, taking vital signs, documentation and communication, safety and sanitation, emergency intervention, and professional standards and ethics.


  • Identify components of the kidney and their functions. (nephron, glomerulus, tubules).
  • Discuss the differences between Acute and Chronic renal failure.
  • Describe treatment options for End Stage Renal Disease.
  • Discuss principles of hemodialysis, diffusion, osmosis, filtration, ultrafiltration, sequential ultrafiltration.
  • Discuss the nutritional needs, advantages and disadvantages, for the renal patient along with lab values including adequacy of dialysis (URR and KT/’V).
  • Identify different types of accesses and access complications along with management and care.
  • Identify complications and emergencies associated with dialysis treatment and Proper patient care documentation.
  • Discuss various medications used in hemodialysis.
  • Discuss infection control
  • Explain the purpose of water treatment and identify the components of the water treatment systems as it relates to the hemodialysis facility.


At the end of the program graduates will be able to

  • Handle and operate dialysis machine
  • Perform cannulation and termination techniques
  • Preparation of the dialyzer,reprocessing and delivary system
  • Maintain and calibrate Equipments whenever required.
  • Monitor and record a patient vital signs
  • Assess patients for any complication that occur during the procedures
  • Perform home dialysis treatment
  • Administer local anaesthetics and drugs as needed.